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Ionizing Air Bar
                Input Power
                Setting Method
                                                          Remote control, monitoring software
                Output Ion High Voltage
                                                  <15uA, the current is limited to avoid the risk of electric shock
                Output Current        0j20KVDC±10% The ratio of positive and negative high voltage output can be adjusted separately
            Room Ionization System                      Each Ionizing air bar has interfac at both ends
                                     The precise timing of the adjustment level is 0-15 seconds @ The accuracy level of time adjustment
                                                                 is about 0.1 seconds
                Operation Mode                               Pulse DC, normal DC, standby
                                       Tungsten alloy, titanium alloy, single crystal silicon, emitter needle is replaceable, useful life is
                Material of Emitter Needle
                                                        related to the environment, about 2-3 years
                Alarm Indication           LED (Red): It will light up when the high voltage of the Ionizing air bar is abnormal
                                       Normally we recommend to make calibration every 3-12 months (depends on environmental
                Ozone                                              < 0.005ppm
                Installation Method                          Equipped with a fixed bracket
                Application Environment           Temperature: 18°C-27°CHumidity: 40-60% (non-condensing)
                Dimension                             W3.7cmxH5.9cmxL57/72/90/113/140/164/192/215cm
                Weight                                             605g(72cm)
                Warranty                                            One year
                Console                                             001-5800
                Input Voltage                                      100-240VAC
                Output Voltage                                       24VDC
                Communication Method                                 RS485
                Interface of Monitor                   RJ-11 port connected to software by RS485 port
                System Capacity         Optional 001-5800 can be connected to 32 units 001-5819 digital room ionization via RS485


               Product Description

               Small size designed for small area static control and charge neutralization, which can
               produce a stable amount of positive and negative ions. This mini ionizer also can keep a great
               ion balance without adjustment.
               MINI-N can eliminate static electricity at close range without wind, or install it under the
               filtered tiny airflow, MINI-A can be connected to dry compressed air to blow ions to objects
               that generate static electricity.
               The LED light is on indicates the power-on working status.

               It can be installed in the production tool, on the inspection table of the inspection equipment,
               and close to the protected small objects on the conveyor belt.
               It is suitable for medical equipment, electrostatic elimination of toner spraying in the LED
               manufacturing process, optical modules such as IC cards (credit cards, bank cards, and
               mobile phone cards), functional film sticking machinery and equipment and biological
               manufacturing industries.


               Input Voltage      12 VDC, 30 mA (Isolated)
                                  MINI-Nğ< 10 s (7.6 cm Distance)
               Decay Time
                                  MINI-Ağ< 8 s (15.2 cm Distance, 0.02 m /min Air volume)
               Coverage           MINI-A 15x15cm 7.6cm Distance  /MINI-N 15x15cm 15cm Distance
               Ambient Airflow    1.0m/s (Recommended minimum)
               Ion Balance        MINI-A ğ< ± 20 V ;  MINI-N ğ< ± 30 V
               Air Volume Output  MINI-Ağ0.01-0.03 m /MINI-N: 0.3-2.1m  bar input pressure
               Size               L5.2 x W4.1 x D1.65 cm, 6mm border on top and bottom
               Weight             MINI-Nğ0.016 kg;   MINI-Ağ0.019 kg

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