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Room Ionization System


                Console                                             001-5800
                Input Voltage                                      100-240VAC
                Output Voltage                                       24VDC
                Communication Method                                 RS485
                Interface of Monitor                   RJ-11 port connected to software by RS485 port
                System Capacity         Optional 001-5800 can be connected to 32 units 001-5818 digital room ionization via RS485


               Product Description

               001-5819 DC ionizing bar can be used in cleanroom. It can control multiple connected ionizing bars through the 5800 console and
               software. It provides high ion output which can quickly neutralize static electricity on the wafer or workbench. 001-5819 DC space
               ionizing bar is designed for electrostatic control of environmental systems, Streamline cabinet and workbenches. Different length of
               Ionizing bars can be supported. In the environment of using laminar flow,using pulsed DC and continuous DC technologies to
               neutralizes static electricity, which is same as the indoor Ionization system, Both ion balance and output power of the 001-5819 DC
               ionizing bar can be adjusted. The adjustment method is using software and remote control.
               001-5819 DC ionizing bar have variety choices of emitter needles (tungsten alloy, titanium alloy, monocrystalline silicon
               needle),Different materials of emitter needles can be used in different environments, single crystal silicon emitter needle can be used
               in the production of wafers,  Tungsten alloy and titanium alloy emitter needles can be selected if optional single crystal silicon emitter
               needles is not necessary.
               When the 001-5819   DC ionizing air bar is controlled by software or remote control, it can provide comprehensive ionizing bar
               control.Modes can be setted: working mode adjustment (Pulsed DC Mode; Steady State DC Mode ), positive and negative ionization
               synchronous with switching time, output power adjustment, only eliminate positive electricity, only eliminate negative electricity,
               high-voltage abnormal alarm, cleaning cycle alarm and other functions.(It is recommended to use the Steady State DC mode at a short
               distance of 30 cm, and use the pulsed DC mode at long distance.)

               Features                           Benefits
               Bar ionizing eliminator            Wide coverage area, length can be customized
               Sequential bipolar ionization      The opening time and closing time is adjustable which can provide the greatest
               Adjustable positive and negative output power  ionization effect.
               Alarm device                       According to the airflow environment, The positive and negative output power can
               Remote control                     be adjusted in an accurate ratio of 1-99
               Software control                   It can monitor the high-voltage output status, and the red LED will alarm when the
               Unique appearance design           high-voltage generator
                                                  The working status of the ionizing bar can be controlled by the remote control
                                                  The working status of the ionizing bar can be controlled by software
                                                  Can neutralize static electricity under laminar wind

               Product Specification
                Ionizing Air Bar                                    001-5819
                Input Power                                          24VDC
                Setting Method                            Remote control, monitoring software
                Output Ion High Voltage  0j20KVDC±10% The ratio of positive and negative high voltage output can be adjusted separately
                Output Current                    <15uA, the current is limited to avoid the risk of electric shock
                Interface                              Each Ionizing air bar has interface at both ends
                                     The precise timing of the adjustment level is 0-15 seconds @ The accuracy level of time adjustment
                                                                 is about 0.1 seconds
                Operation Mode                            Pulsed DC Mode; Steady State DC Mode

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