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Room Ionization System


               Product Description
               001-5818 Digital Room Ionization and 001-5800 console can build up an indoor ionization system, 001-5800 console can be connected to
               computer software through RS485, 001-5800 console can connect with 32 units of 001-5818 Digital Room Ionization to construct a small
               indoor ionizing system, more 001-5818 Digital Room Ionization can be connected through multiple 001-5800 to form a large indoor
               ionizing system, 001-5818 Digital Room Ionization can be adjusted through software or remote control The positive and negative output
               power, the switching time of positive and negative ion pulses, It can achieve the best elimination of static electricity in any indoor airflow
               environment and application.
               001-5818 Digital Room Ionization have variety choices of emitter needles
               (tungsten alloy, titanium alloy, monocrystalline silicon needle),Different
               materials of emitter needles can be used in different environments, single
               crystal silicon emitter needle can be used in the production of wafers,
               Tungsten alloy and titanium alloy emitter needles can be selected if optional
               single crystal silicon emitter needles is not necessary.
               When the 001-5818 Digital Room Ionization is controlled by software or remote
               control, it can provide comprehensive ionizing bar control.Modes can be set:
               working mode adjustment (Pulsed DC Mode; Steady State DC Mode), positive
               and negative ionization synchronous with switching time, output power
               adjustment, only eliminate positive electricity, only eliminate negative
               electricity, high-voltage abnormal alarm, cleaning cycle alarm and other

               Features                           Benefits
               Digital control circuit            It can accurately control the working status and communication of the ion generator
               Accurate adjustment of ion balance  The positive and negative ion balance can be adjusted in an accurate ratio of 1-99
               Silicon needle, tungsten alloy, titanium alloy  Standard emitter needle is tungsten needle or titanium needle, silicon needle is optional
               Networkable console                Ionization system that can be networked to cover a larger area
               Cleaning period                    The cleaning period can be set by remote control or software

               Product Specification
                Digital Room Ionization                             001-5818
                Input Voltage                                        24VDC
                Setting Method                            Remote control, monitoring software
                Output Ion Hhigh Voltage  0-20KVDC±10% The ratio of positive and negative high voltage output can be adjusted separately
                Output Current                    <15uA, the current is limited to avoid the risk of electric shock
                Interface                          Each digital room ionization bar has RJ-11 ports at both ends
                                     The positive and negative ion output can be changed to reach a stable ion balance, 0-15 seconds@ -
                Control              The precise timing of the adjustment level is 0-15 seconds @ The accuracy level of time adjustment
                                                                 is about 0.1 seconds
                LED Display                          Two LED lights indicate positive and negative polarity
                LED Digital Tube                           Can display different working status
                Operation Mode                            Pulsed DC Mode; Steady State DC Mode
                                       Tungsten alloy, titanium alloy, single crystal silicon, emitter needle is replaceable, useful life is
                Material of emitter needle
                                                        related to the environment, about 2-3 years
                Emitter needle bar length                    6.4 12.7 25 38 61 91 127 152 168cm
                                     LED (Red): It will light up when the high voltage of the digital room ionization is abnormal, and it will
                Alarm Indication
                                                           be equipped with a software alarm.
                Maintance            Normally we recommend to make calibration every 3-12 months (depends on environmental conditions)
                Ozone                                              < 0.005ppm
                Installation Method                         Velcro or mounting metal bracket
                Application Environment         Temperature: 18°C-27°C                  Humidity: 40-60% (non-condensing)
                Dimension                                       H3.1xW3.6xL44.5 (cm)
                Weight                                               0.425kg
                Warranty                                            One year

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