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Pulsed AC Ionizing Air Bar

               Bar static eliminator
               Extra emitter needle can be added
               Remote control
               Pulse frequencyis adjustable
               The generation ratio of positive and negative ions is adjustable
               RS485 communication
               A variety of emitter needles are available
               Quick disassembly and assembly of the emitter needle

               Wide coverage area and optional length
               Speed up the discharge speed
               Easy to set parameters
               Static electricity elimination at different distances
               Precise adjustment of ion balance
               Multiple devices can be connected for online monitoring
               Suitable to use in different level cleanroom
               Easy to clean and maintenance

               Product Specification

                                    PAB-036   PAB-060   PAB-084   PAB-108   PAB-132    PAB-156   PAB-182
                Model Number
                                   PAB-036A  PAB-060A  PAB-084A   PAB-108A  PAB-132A  PAB-156A  PAB-182A
                Input Voltage                                      DC24V
                Power                                         About 8W(PAB-108)
                Discharge Method                               Corona discharge
                Operating Voltage                              Pulse AC ±7500V
                Ion Balance                                        <±30V
                Emitter Needle                              Tungsten, silicon, titanium
                Discharge Structure                           Resistance coupling
                Working Frequency          1a3a5a8a10a15a20a22a30a33a35a40a47a50a60a68a80Hz
                Installation Distance                            50-2000mm
                Decay Time                 ġ0.7seconds (the vertical distance is 300mm and the air pressure is 0.4Mpa)
                Alarm Indication   Power indication, High voltage alarm indication, High voltage abnormal indication, Clean alarm indicator
                Status Monitoring                        RS485 Online monitoring is optional
                                  The digital tube can display the ratio of positive and negative ions, working frequency, cleaning period,
                Panel Display
                                                              and working period.
                Clean the gas connector                    Import throttle valve 8mm 1/8
                Clean gas pressure                                <0.5Mpa
                Material                              Gun body was made of flame-retardant ABS
                Use Environment                Temperature: 0°C-40°C         Humidity: 40-70% (non-condensing)
                Length(mm)           360        600       840       1080      1320      1560      1820
                Power Cord Length                                   1.8m
                Warranty                                          One year

               PAB-060/PAB-060A Plused AC Ionizing Bar

                                    Ionizing bar Length: 600mm                                       Working Frequency: 30 Hz
                                                                                          Balance Voltage
                 Test Distance(mm)  Air Pressure (Mpa)             Static Elimination Performance
                  Vertical Direction             Decay Time(positive ion)  Decay Time(negative ion)  <±30V
                     300mm             0.4              0.6s               0.7s
                     400mm             0.4              0.8s               1.0s
                     600mm             0.4              1.4s               1.6s
                Due to the influence of environmental temperature and humidity,working frequency, bar length, installation  distance, air flow
                pressure and other factors, the test data of the ionizing bar will be different. The output ratio of positive and negative ions should
                be adjusted according to the specific environment, to make the ionzing bar working in the best state.

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