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Pulsed AC Ionizing Air Bar

               Product Specification

                 Model Number              DC1212C         DC1212SAC         DC1213C        DC1213SAC
                 Input Voltage                                       DC24V±5%
                 Power                    About20W         About30W         About20W         About30W
                 Discharge Time                Less than 1s(measuring distance 30cm, the max air volume, no filter cotton )
                 Ion Balance                                           <±10V
                 Automatic Cleaning          ×                ‹                ×                ‹
                 Ionization Technology                          DC ionization technology
                 Discharge Needle Material                          Tungsten Alloy
                 Emitter Needle                              Emitter needle could be replaced
                                          High voltage operation/abnormal indication light Fan operation/abnormal indication light
                 Alarm Indication
                                                          Air volume indication,clean alarm indication
                 Signal Output            The red indicator light is on and output the DC24V signal when the H.V or Fan is abnormal
                 Air Volume               105CFM×2         105CFM×3           105CFM×2       105CFM×3
                 Ozone                                       Under 0.04ppm (distance 150mm)
                 Operation Environment                   Temp:0-40°C, Hum:20-65%(no water condensation)
                 Dimension               620H*150W*90Dmm(Without bracket )         1020H*150W*90Dmm(Without bracket )
                 Weight                   About5Kg         About6Kg         About5Kg         About6Kg
                 Casing Material              Double sided galvanized steel sheet electrostatic sprayed /Stainless steel 304
                 Warranty                                             One Year

               PAB-060/PAB-060A PlusedAC Ionizing Bar

               Product Description

               Large-scale and high-speed static elimination, even under no wind conditions.It’s suitable for space static elimination, enhanced wind
               bar is optional (Addtional emitter needle can be added in a fixed distance to speed up the discharge speed).Tungsten alloy emitter
               needle is standard configuration, and titanium alloy and monocrystalline silicon emitter needles are also optional.
               Customization support: network monitoring, PC connection, centralized software monitoring.
               Customization support: Single generation of positive/negative ions, rapid elimination of static electricity for different charged objects,
               remote control to adjust the working status of the ionizing bar, digital tube and LED light will display the working status, the positive and
               negative ions output rate is adjustable which is used for precise adjustment of ion balance. The pulse frequency of positive and negative
               ions is adjustable,for static electricity elimination at different distances, to achieve ratio elimination of static electricity.When  static
               elimination is abnormal, there will be sound and light alarms.
               The cleaning period can be set, and the ion bar will regularly remind personnel to cleaning and maintenance. The emitter needle can be
               quickly removed/cleaning/ replaced, it is convenient for maintenance.Online communication, output alarm signal when abnormal, and
               monitor the ion bar.
               CE certified, it can effectively avoid external electromagnetic interference.It has electromagnetic protection and won’t interfere with
               other equipment.
               Widely used in semiconductor, optoelectronics, SMT, automotive, film and other industries.

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