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DC Auto-Clean Ionizer

                   Model Number                      DC1201C                        DC1201SAC
                   Weight                                          Approx 2.2Kg
                   Shell Material                   Double side galvanized steel sheet / electrostatic sprayed
                   Warranty                                          One year

               DC1212SAC / DC1213SAC / DC1212C / DC1213C

               Product Description
               The constant DC static elimination fan generates positive/negative ions through corona of emitter needle to neutralize static electricity.
               DC1212SAC and DC1213SAC have built-in cleaning brushes, which can automatically clean the emitter needles when the machine is
               turned on. cleaning period can be set within 1-999 hours.
               Preset automatic cleaning period , or manually clean the emitter needle with one button.
               (DC1212C/DC1213C without cleaning brush), the output amount of positive/negative ions can be manually adjusted to achieve the best
               neutralization effect.
               The unique post-emitter design makes the ion distribution more uniform, it is suitable for the control of ESD processes in the cleanroom
               RS485 networking mode is optional, computer terminal software monitoring.

               Features                               Benefits
               Balance voltage adjustment gear        Adjust voltage to adapt to specific working conditions
               Automatic cleaning emitter needle      Can save manual cleaning frequency(DC1212C/DC1213C has no automatic
               Automatic locking function to avoid accidental   cleaning function)
               touch                                  Avoidn on-engineer adjusting operating parameters without permission
               Quick remove back windshield           Easy to maintain and clean the emitter needle
               Emitter needle could be replaced       The effect of static elimination will be poor after long-term use, and the
               LED alarm display / equipment monitoring   effect can be restored by replacing the emitter needle
               interface / network monitoring         When the voltage is high/fan is abnormal, the alarm will light up and the
               Electrostatic spraying of shell / stainless steel   buzzer will run
               shell can be customized                Optional casing can adapt to different working conditions

               Decay Time
                    Operating Voltage: DC24V                  Test Voltage: ±1000V-±100V                  Temperature: 23±3 C                  Humidity: 50%±5%
                            Distance(mm)                   300               600                900
                    Decay time         Positive            0.9S              2.2S               4.2S
                                       Negative            1.0S              2.7S               4.8S
                   Offset voltage                                            ±10V
                Measurement method:Use a 20PF, 150mm static elimination monitor to measure
                When the air volume is maximum, the decay time from ±1000V---±100V (this test result is based on using the straight wind window)
                The test results is different when testing in different environments, above data is for reference only, please test according to
                your using environment.

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