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DC Ionizer

               DC1201C / DC1201SAC

               Product Description
               Use constant DC ionization technology which create amount of positive and negative ions
               through corona emitter needle to neutralize static electricity.
               DC1201SAC has a built-in cleaning brush, which automatically cleans the emitter needle
               when the power turns on,cleaning cycle could be preset from 1 hour to 999 hours,or press
               one button manual cleaning the emitter needle; (DC1201C do not have cleaning brush), the
               output amount of positive/negative ions can be manually adjusted to achieve the best
               neutralization effect; the unique post-emitter design makes the ion distribution well
               It is suitable for the control of electrostatic sensitive processes in the cleanroom
               RS485 networking mode is optional, computer terminal software monitoring.

               Balance voltage adjustment knob
               Automatic clean emitter
               The whole machine lock function to prevent accidental touch
               Quick remove rear cover
               Emitter needle could be replaced
               LED alarm indication/device monitoring port/network port
               Shell electrostatic spray/stainless steel case could be customized

               Adjust voltage application status
               Effectively reduce manual cleaning frequency                             DC1201SAC
               Prevent non-engineers adjusting operating parameters without authorization
               Convenient for maintenance and emitter cleaning
               Eliminating static electricity effect is poor after long time use, replace emitter
               needle can restore the effect                              Decay Time
               High voltage/fan is abnormal,red light is on together with buzzer beep
               Optional case to apply different working status
                                                                                 1ft.    2ft.    3ft.
                                                                                0.7s     1.8s   3.3s
                                                                                30cm    60cm    90cm

               Product Specification

                   Model Number                      DC1201C                        DC1201SAC
                   Input Voltage                                    DC24V±5%
                   Power                                            about 9W
                   Discharge Time        Around 0.7 sec(Test based on: measuring distance 30cm, max air volume, no dustproof cotton)
                   Ion Balance                                        <±10V
                   Automatic Clean Function            NO                           1-999 hours
                   Ionization Technology                       DC Ionization Technology
                   Discharge Needle Material                       Tungsten Alloy
                   Replace Discharge Needle            Service lift could be extended after replacement
                                         High voltage operation/abnormal indication light  Fan operation/abnormal indication light
                   Alarm Indication
                                                        Air volume indication,clean alarm indication
                   Signal Output                Red light on when high voltage or fan abnormal,output DC 24V signal
                   Air Volume                                        105CFM
                   Ozone                                    Under 0.04ppm (distance 150mm)
                   Operation Environment              Temp:0-40°C, Hum:20-65%(no water condensation)
                   Size                                    215H*152W*90Dmm(without bracket)
                   Weight                                          Approx 2.2Kg
    01             Shell Material                   Double side galvanized steel sheet / electrostatic sprayed
                   Warranty                                          One year
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