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Ionizing Gun and Nozzle

               Features                           Benefits
               Compact design                     Can be placed in process tools or compact spaces
               Self-balancing technology          Maintain ion balance without adjustment
               Easy maintenance                   Just clean the electrostatic emitter regularly
               Power Indicator status LED         Display power status


               Product Description
               The HG-03 Ionizing Gun contains high accuracy filter inside,The gun body has a light touch switch and an LED indicator.
               The lightweight gun body is convenient for movement and flexible operation, and the overall design is  ergonomics. The controller
               adopts solenoid valve control mode, which can reduce operator's hand fatigue.
               (It can use foot tap switch control way which completely liberate hands.)There is no high-voltage line connection between Ionizing Gun
               with console,which means more safety to operator.
               HG-03 Ionizing gun used High frequency alternating current discharging technology, discharge frequency 68Khz,high ion density,the
               ion balance can reach within ±15V,the discharge time can be less than(within)0.5S.

               Suitable design
               Replaceable needle & filter
               High frequency AC technology
               Outer case and air hose are made from dissipative material
               ISO In accordance with 14644-1Class4

               Safety operation
               Reduce hand’s fatigue
               Quick maintenance
               Ion balance within ±15V
               More safety electrostatic protection
               Applied in semiconductor, medical and hard disk clean room

               Product Specification

                Part Number            HG-03
                Input Voltage          DC24V±5%
                Power                  8 W
                Ionization Technology  High frequency AC technology
                Input Voltage          AC220V
                High Voltage Frequency  68Khz
                Discharge Needle Material  Tungsten
                Ion Balance            Self balance in ±15V
                Discharge Time         Less than 0.5 seconds(Distance 15cm, 0.2Mpa air pressure)
                Clean Operation        Comply with the request of ISO 14644-1 Class 4(Fed Std. 209E Class 10)
                Used Pressur           0.01-0.7Mpa clean air,CDA or Nitrogen, recommends to use the max use of 0.5Mpa
                                       Controller green LED light on, power supply is normal; gun body green LED is on,
                Alarm Indication
                                       working is normal, the green light will turn off when air gun working is abnormal.
                Ozone                  Under 0.02ppm (distance 300mm)
                Operation Environment   Temp:5-40°C, Hum:20-75%(no water condensation)
                                       The controller/gun body/pipe are made of static dissipative material, and the metal 302
                Shell Material
                                       stainless steel material
                Air Pipe Outlet        1/4”standard pipe connector č8mm Air TubeĎ
                Dimension              Gun body L203xW110xD25mm    Controller L220xW76xD42mm
                Weight                 Gun body 2.5m    Air Tube 0.36Kg    Controller 0.58Kg

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